Christiana Figueres

Orchestrated the Paris climate agreement

You don’t run a marathon with one step.

Christina Figueres is not just a stubborn optimist, she is an advocate for brave and fearless women. She sees the women of today and knows that today's women are more than capable to influence the direction the climate change has taken. Her certainly comes from witnessing women take leadership, not being afraid to make some waves, speak up the truth and above all do absolutely everything we can to make the world a better place. But what Ms. Figueres doesn't realize is that younger generations are capable of doing all that because we have role models like Ms. Figueres to look up to!


Born: 7 August 1956

Country: San José, Costa Rica

Profession: Costa Rican diplomat

Best known for: Orchestrating the 2015 Paris Agreement, widely recognized as a historical achievement

Contribution to success: Learning from other's mistakes, such as Copenhagen Summit

Interesting fact: During the UNSG debate held by Al Jazeera, Christina Figuerres raised her hand when the candidates were all asked who thought victims of cholera deserved an apology

Why we chose her: Ms. Figueres approached the Paris Climate Agreement as a conversation, not hard negotiations. She focused on changing the tone of the conversation and drove the deal to become reality. Self-proclaimed stubborn optimist, she sees challenges not as road blocks, but inivations to find a better path.

Our favorite quotes by Ms. Figueres:

“I have learned that impossible is not a fact, it is merely an attitude. If any task is important enough there can never be a barrier high enough to stop us from achieving that task. With radical collaboration and stubborn optimism everything that is important is possible.”

“Listen, respect differences. That’s very important. Sometimes we tend to gloss over differences.”

“Nothing gets done without optimism”

Video: The inside story of Paris climate agreement

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